Microfabricated SnO2 Gas Sensors for VOC sensing

Sensing Principle
The MSGS miniature semiconductor gas sensors are manufactured using standard microelectronic technology and silicon micromachining techniques. Their gas sensitive element consists of a semiconducting metal oxide layer deposited on a thin membrane containing a micro-heater element. The sensitive area is thermally insulated from the silicon substrate to minimize electrical power consumption.

The measurement of specific oxidizing or reducing gases is based on a reversible conductivity change of the sensing element at an appropriate working temperature.
Detectable Gaseous Compounds
  • CO, NOx, H2, CH4
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOC)
  • Volatile sulfuric compounds (VSC)
  • Solvents
Key Specifications
  • Typical concentration range:
    1 ppm - 10'000 ppm
  • High sensitivity at low concentrations lower detection limit : < 5 ppm
  • Low power consumption
  • Continous mode at 400degC: 120 mW
  • Pulsed mode: 1 mW
  • Fast response time (90% signal level) : < 30 sec.
Product Families:
  • Packaged single gas sensors: MSGS 3000i and MSGS 5000i (see Product page)
  • Gas sensor modules: MGSM 5000i (see Product page)

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