Functionalized Ion-Selective ISFET sensors

Microsens is extending its MSFET line througn the addition of ion-selective membranes onto the MSFET3330 sensor. Currently, ion-selective ISFET sensors available at Microsens include Potassium (K+) and Nitrate (NO3-) selective MSFET. Other ion-sensitivities such as MSFET for the measurement of Sodium (Na+) and Phosphate (H2PO4-) are under development.
Contact us for more information on our ion-selective MSFET sensor solutions.

Microsens has been awarded a SME Instrument (Phase 1) project

For the commercialization of its breath analyser system, MICROSENS has been accepted for a SME Instrument (Phase 1) project. If you want to learn more about the breath analyser project at MICROSENS, have a look at the Breath Intelligence page or contact us.

Microsens is launching a new interface for the MSFET3330

Microsens has developped a new family of interfaces for the MSFET3330. The MSFET-DI and MSFET-USB are small digital interfaces for driving the MSFET3330 and converting the measured sensor output into the corresponding pH value. The MSFET-USB is a fully stand-alone system, which connects to the USB port of a PC or Laptop and comes with a graphical user interface. The MSFET-DI connects to any Arduino or Rhaspberry-type system for the integration of ISFET-based pH measurement. More information can be found in our Products section or in the MSFET-USB or MSFET-DI flyer.

Microsens is relaunching its HOCl sensor (MAES)

The MAES is a miniature three electrode amperometric sensor for the detection of HOCl in water. More information can be found in our Products section or in the MAES flyer.

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