"Development of a multi-nutrient sensor suite for a floating water quality monitoring platform" - a EUROSTARS project

Microsens started work on a new Eurostars project titled "NUTRISENS" together with its Norwegian project partner Marimetrics. The goal of this project is to bring critical, low-cost nutrient measurements to a novel sensing platform. NUTRISENS will result in a multi-nutrient monitoring module that can be integrated into a small, cloud-connected mobile platform (micro FLOAT). The NUTRISENS module will simultaneously measure pH, potassium, sodium, ammonium, nitrate and phosphate at critical levels and can through the micro FLOAT platform communicate the real-time and in-situ data to the control unit governing the respective aquaculture installation.
Contact us for more information on this project.

Functionalized Ion-Selective ISFET sensors

Microsens is extending its MSFET line througn the addition of ion-selective membranes onto the MSFET3330 sensor. Currently, ion-selective ISFET sensors available at Microsens include Potassium (K+) and Nitrate (NO3-) selective MSFET. Other ion-sensitivities such as MSFET for the measurement of Sodium (Na+) and Phosphate (H2PO4-) are under development.
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Microsens has been awarded a SME Instrument (Phase 1) project

For the commercialization of its breath analyser system, MICROSENS has been accepted for a SME Instrument (Phase 1) project. If you want to learn more about the breath analyser project at MICROSENS, have a look at the Breath Intelligence page or contact us.

Microsens is launching a new interface for the MSFET3330

Microsens has developped a new family of interfaces for the MSFET3330. The MSFET-DI and MSFET-USB are small digital interfaces for driving the MSFET3330 and converting the measured sensor output into the corresponding pH value. The MSFET-USB is a fully stand-alone system, which connects to the USB port of a PC or Laptop and comes with a graphical user interface. The MSFET-DI connects to any Arduino or Rhaspberry-type system for the integration of ISFET-based pH measurement. More information can be found in our Products section or in the MSFET-USB or MSFET-DI flyer.

Microsens is relaunching its HOCl sensor (MAES)

The MAES is a miniature three electrode amperometric sensor for the detection of HOCl in water. More information can be found in our Products section or in the MAES flyer.

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