Sensing solutions for air and water quality measurements

Sensors are the interface between the real world and all information systems. They determine the degree of accuracy and efficiency of measuring and monitoring devices. New generations of integrated sensors provide the answer to current needs in environmental control. They are conceived and produced in the same way as most up-to-date electronics and data acquisition systems, to the extent that they can be considered to be electronic devices in their own right. MICROSENS provides integrated sensors and sensing systems for a wide range of applications in environmental monitoring. Microsensor technology forms the heart of our Research and Development aimed at providing high quality products in order to meet the demands of today's and tomorrow's customers. The team of scientists at MICROSENS has been developing integrated sensors and applications since the start-up of its independent activity in 1991. Its competence is strengthened by cooperation with the CSEM, Swiss Universities and MiCS (MicroChemical Systems, founded in 1998 by MICROSENS), as well as private partners and MOTOROLA with its gas sensor manufacturing line. Taking advantage of its experience on products, the engineering team of MICROSENS focuses on applying the latest standards in microelectronics to sensing devices, such as:
  • Integrated gas sensors for the detection of toxic or explosive gases, as well as for industrial process monitoring, environmental control and multi-sensing purposes.
  • Integrated electrochemical sensors including Ion-Sensitive Field-Effect Transistor (ISFET) for pH and specific ion concentration measurements in various solutions.
The expertise of MICROSENS is obtained from extensive R & D and know-how is available to your production or development teams in order to produce the sensor system you require.

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