MSFET 3330 pH-ISFET sensor

The ISFET sensing element is packaged onto a miniature PCB for easy handling. Different shapes and sizes of the packaging are available on demand.


  • small size
  • wide range of applications
  • requires interface electronics and a reference electrode

Key Specifications
  • Typical pH range: pH2 - pH12
  • Typical sensitivity: 55mV/pH
  • Response time: 90% signal level: < 5 sec

Functionalized Ion-Selective ISFET sensors

Microsens is also extending its MSFET line througn the addition of ion-selective membranes onto the MSFET3330 sensor. Currently, ion-selective ISFET sensors available at Microsens include Potassium (K+) and Nitrate (NO3-) selective MSFET. Other ion-sensitivities such as MSFET for the measurement of Sodium (Na+) and Phosphate (H2PO4-) are under development.

Contact us for more information on our ion-selective MSFET sensor solutions.
MSREF Miniature reference electrode

Microsens has developped a miniature reference electrode to work with the MSFET3330. More information can be found in the MSREF Datasheet.

Combined sensor head

MICROSENS also offers solutions combining the MSFET3330 and the MSREF into one sensor head. The standard solution has the same dimensions as the MSFET3330, but different shapes and sizes are available on demand.

MSFET Interfaces

The MSFET3330 requires a specific interface electronics to drive the sensor and read the sensor output. Microsens offers a range of interfaces with different options. Details on the different interfaces can be found here.

ISFET Measurement Kit

MICROSENS offers a measurement kit for the MSFET 3330 pH sensor.
The kit consists of the following items:
  • packaged MSFET3330 sensor element
  • MSFET3330 interface electronics (see MSFET Interfaces )
  • miniature Ag/AgCl reference electrode (MSREF)
Contact us for more information on the ISFET Measurement Kit.

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