MSFET 3330 pH-ISFET sensor

The ISFET sensing element is packaged onto a miniature PCB for easy handling.


  • small size
  • wide range of applications
  • requires interface electronics and a reference electrode

Key Specifications
  • Typical pH range: pH1 - pH12
  • Typical sensitivity: 55mV/pH
  • Response time: 90% signal level: < 1 sec

MSREF Miniature reference electrode

Microsens has developped a miniature reference electrode to work with the MSFET3330. More information can be found in the MSREF Datasheet.

MSFET Interfaces

The MSFET3330 requires a specific interface electronics to drive the sensor and read the sensor output. Microsens offers a range of interfaces with different options. Details on the different interfaces can be found here.

ISFET Measurement Kit

MICROSENS offers a measurement kit for the MSFET 3330 pH sensor.
The kit consists of the following items:
  • packaged MSFET3330 sensor element
  • MSFET3330 interface electronics (see MSFET Interfaces )
  • miniature Ag/AgCl reference electrode (MSREF)
Contact us for more information on the ISFET Measurement Kit.

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